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December 2008



Rock On

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Man, I love Christmas in NYC. The parties, the joy, the decorations, and, as of yesterday, the beautiful blankets of snow covering the muck of the city.

Last week was the third annual cookie party, held this year and Herman and Kathleen’s place. About two dozen people came, including, Ben, a friend from high school! Very cool to see him and meet his girlfriend. Sunday was another friend’s hot chocolate party, followed by band practice Monday. The last jam session before the holiday party.

The party? Was AWESOME. The space – Galapagos in DUMBO – was great. The booths were like little islands floating in water. And the stage – the stage was perfect for the show. We went on at 10, and it went really, REALLY well. It was so fun to just be up on stage, rocking out, and even singing in front of my coworkers. I feel really lucky to be comfortable enough to let loose and rock out in front of my boss, my coworkers, even the Commissioner. I loved it!

Finally, last night a friend and I went out for tapas and then wandered around the city looking at the holiday windows in the snow. Perfect end to Christmas in NYC.

Tomorrow, I head to California. Merry Christmas!!!

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