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September 2009



Same as it Ever Was

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I am in on another whirlwind tour of the Seattle metro area. So far I’ve hit Phinney Ridge, Lake City, Bothell, Bellevue and West Seattle. The weather seems to be keeping up – it’s been very windy and crazy unexpectedly torrential rain stuck with us for much of the morning. Tomorrow I’m going to my first Bumbershoot, with a mind towards seeing Mirah perform. I’ve gone out for some very tasty food, seen a post-storm sunset on Alki and even done my little part to help the Washington state economy.

I’m valuing the time with my friends even more than normal since it will be a bit harder to stay in touch for the next year. Of course there’s e-mail (although I still really wish for more snail mail), but the nine hour time difference will make phone calls tougher, I won’t be coming out here nearly as much as usual (I’ve visited five times in the past 12 months, for showers, weddings and vacations), and I know a visit to London is a bit much to ask from most people, especially these days.

I hope I’ve really let them know how much I’m going to miss them. But ideally I’ll be back here in a year, with a job, getting ready for my first crisp fall afternoon in my new old home, with many stories to tell and pictures to share of my year in London.

Oh, and to my NYC friends: I’m coming back a couple of days early! I’ll be going to a couple of events that Friday and Saturday night before I leave for London (more on that later), but ideally I’ll have more time to see you then.

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