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October 2014



So This Is Weird

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Just browsing the interwebs, seeing if anything interesting happened while I was at work today, and I came across this. In case you can’t see the article, from what I can gather, it appears that the national Fox station is forcing the company that owns Q-13 (the local Seattle affiliate) to sell to the national company or else it will end the relationship with Q-13. They’d go with a station up in Bellingham instead, which would be sort of odd considering the news would be focused on that area and not Seattle.

Why are they doing this? Well, one of the only things that Fox is good for is showing NFL games (and these days I’m not really that thrilled to watch those anyway), and when the NFL team in your market is the defending Superbowl Champions, that ends up being worth quite a bit of money. So apparently Fox decides that if you won’t sell them your TV station that makes lots of money, they’ll stop working with you, and put you out of business. I get that they have a choice in who they work with, but there’s something really off about awarding a contract, and then essentially putting the company you awarded it to out of business because they ended up making too much money.

But it’s Fox, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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