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February 2016




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I don’t post to Facebook nearly as much as I used to these days. I share posts from where I work, but that’s usually it. However, I was compelled to post the following on Saturday:

“We elect Presidents for four-year terms, right? And it’s still only early February in one of the four years we most recently elected the President to govern for, right? So the idea that once again Republicans in Congress get to try to prevent the President from doing the job he was elected to do is disgusting and shameful.”


The only sadness I feel in Justice Scalia’s passing is for his family. I do not feel like this is a loss for the country; I think his presence on the court has been harmful for so, so many people. Even just this term he’s made at least one incredibly racist statement during the arguments over affirmative action; I love what I know about Ruth Bader Ginsberg but I don’t particularly care that they both liked the opera. Justice Scalia chose to interpret the Constitution in the most narrow of  ways, and I don’t agree with his scholarship on the most important issues. I’m not thrilled that he is dead; I am thrilled he is off the court, and unfortunately death was how it happened for him.

So now we have Republicans in Congress suggesting that those of us who voted for the President don’t deserve to have him represent us in this important arena. That’s bullshit. He is president for almost one more full year, and just because Republicans think they might win the next election doesn’t mean the President should have to stop doing his damn job now. It’s not galling, and he’s not fighting against the grain when he makes a nomination; the President is doing what I an tens of millions of us in the US voted him in to office to do.

There is no space for compromise is this area; the Constitution mandates that the President make this appointment to the supreme court. I’m not oblivious enough to think that the Republicans will suddenly start acting like adults and not spoiled children, but I have faith that the President at least will continue to due his damn job.

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