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December 2020



Survival of the Thickest by Michelle Buteau

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Three Stars

Best for:
Big fans of Michelle Buteau

In a nutshell:
Author and Comedian Michelle Buteau provides a look into her life, sharing both the highs and the lows. CN for miscarriage.

Worth quoting:
N/A (Audio book)

Why I chose it:
I very much enjoyed Buteau in Always Be My Maybe. I’ve recently watched her Netflix special, which also got me chuckling.

I’m struggling a bit with this review. There are parts of this book that I really loved. She tells a great story, she’s relatable even though she and I don’t have loads in common, and she’s open and honest. There are parts of this book that had me laughing a lot, and parts where I teared up. There are the expected stories about life as a stand-up comedian, and the unexpected honesty about working in a newsroom in NYC on 9/11, and her experiences with miscarriages and surrogacy.

I think my rating is based more on the delivery of the audiobook. It was a bit jarring. I’m used to her style of stand-up and speaking, but there was an unevenness to it all that felt like perhaps she hadn’t read her words out loud before recording. I don’t know. I think for once, I’d say I bet the paper version of the book is better.

On the positive end, the book is filled with a lot of motivating words that don’t feel forced. There’s an almost infectious confidence that comes from Buteau, which I appreciated.

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Donate it.

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