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October 2022



The Anxiety Sisters’ Survival Guide by Abbe Greenberg and Maggie Saracheck

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Three Stars

Best for:
People with pretty serious anxiety

In a nutshell:
The authors, who I gather have created a support community for people with anxiety, offer their take on a variety of aspects of anxiety, including causes, treatments, management, and medications.

Worth quoting:
“What can happen is very different from what probably will happen.”

Why I chose it:
I am a catastrophizing worrier, and I’d rather not be? Or at least, not be to the point that it doesn’t, like, interfere with my life. Which it doesn’t dramatically, but enough to be noticeable and obnoxious.

I’m not sure exactly what to write about this book. First off, I’m not clear how much of the background of the authors means I should trust the chapters where they talk about causes of anxiety. Like, I have no reason to doubt them, but they are unknown entities to me, so no idea. There are, at least, lots of references, so I could dive into them to see if they support the statements the authors are making, which is more than some books provide.

There are loads of different suggestions which I could see being very helpful to a lot of people. Nothing was brand new to me, but it was good to be reminded of some tools out there that exist. For that reason, part of me wants to hold onto the book, but mostly I think that I just am going to take a couple of photos / notes and then move on.

I’m not sure what I wanted this book to be, so that’s why I’ve rated it smack in the middle. It might be a great book if its what the reader wants. It might be not great if the information isn’t all thoroughly fact-checked. I don’t think it’s harmful, and is on balance probably helpful to some people, so that’s a good thing. Just not for me.

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