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February 2023



The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman

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Four Stars

Best for:
Those who enjoy a clever, complicated mystery.

In a nutshell:
Those diamonds from the last book? Someone else wants them back. Also, the group looks into the ten-year-old unsolved murder of a journalist.

Worth quoting:
N/A (Audio book)

Why I chose it:
I enjoy the series.

What it left me feeling:

Another winner from author Osman. I was intrigued, guessed a little bit but not the rest, and found that any twists made absolute sense and were not out of left field.

Spoilers for the previous two books and some for this one as well.

I like how the author weaves characters from previous books into the story. It’s as though I’m reading multiple installments of the same TV show, as opposed to a procedural like Law and Order. Because it isn’t just the Thursday Murder Club who is the focus of this book – though they are – but also people who have appeared in previous books. Connie plays a pivotal role while she awaits trial; Bogdan is still around from the first book, and I bet that some people from this one will feature in the next book in the series.

The mystery itself was an interesting one that did keep me guessing but also trying to figure things out. Each revelation was greeted with me thinking ‘oh, that’s clever’ but also ‘oh, that makes sense.’ There weren’t any loose ends, either, which I appreciate.

I’m also continuing to enjoy the development of the older characters. Elizabeth was getting on my nerves during the last book, but not so much this time. The description of her husband Stephen and his continued experience of dementia really struck a nerve as well. Just a reminder that the characters in these books are obviously not real, but are dealing with very real situations along with the more fantastical elements.

I was lucky to get to race through these three books in a matter of weeks, but that means I’ve now got a Thursday Murder Club-shaped void to fill. It looks like the fourth installment will be out this fall, so I’ll need to come up with something else in the meantime.

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