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May 2016



The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

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Four Stars


I know I’m a bit late to this book. Honestly, I wasn’t motivated to read it until I saw the preview for the film adaptation, which involves Emily Blunt (yes!) and the woman who played Cora in “Music and Lyrics By,” that Hugh Grant / Drew Barrymore film that no one saw but that I will watch whenever it is on. I knew that involved a possibly unreliable narrator, but that was about it.

Maybe minor spoilers below …

Still here? Okay. I’m glad that I picked it up. Started it this morning, finished it this evening. I haven’t let it set, so it’s possible my opinion might change, but I liked it. I knew there was some sort of twist, and I did actually pick up on what it might be fairly early on in the Megan chapters. But there was enough misdirection that made sense that I wasn’t 100% certain until a few chapters before it was explicitly spelled out.

I also liked that the only perspective chapters we get are from three women, two of whom are viewing the same actions through very different lenses. I thought the writing was mostly good – certainly good enough to keep me interested to the point that I read it at the gym, walking to and from work today, and then tonight after dinner. If you’re looking for a quick-reading thriller, I think this is a good choice.

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