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November 2023



The Little Book of Glasgow by Geoff Holder

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Three Stars

Best for:
Anyone who likes fact / trivia books.

In a nutshell:
A sort-of history of Glasgow (Scotland’s largest city), as told via facts, figures, and trivia.

Worth quoting:
“ABBA’s mega-hit ‘Super Trouper’ is told from the point of view of a disenchanted touring musician staying in a hotel in Glasgow.”

Why I chose it:
I recently moved to Glasgow and want to learn more about it.

What it left me feeling:

This book is absolutely fine. It’s hard to write a review, because it does what it says on the tin, but there isn’t much more to it. I assume the information is accurate (there are references), and a bunch of it was kind of interesting. Which is what I’m generally looking for in a book like this – pretty easy to read, and caused me to say ‘huh’ a few times.

The book is broken down into nine chapters, focusing on things ranging from places, crime, transportation, culture, sport, and food and drink. Basically, all the things. Of course in the chapter on war, they also have to include riots, because Glasgow is known for workers fighting back (as well as the occasional football dust-up).

I learned a few things for sure, and I’ll probably come back to this one. It was pretty easy to skim, which also meant that it was pretty easy to put down. But I’ll be holding onto it because I’m sure I’ll have a question about something Glasgwegian and will reach for this book.

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