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June 2015



Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

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Four Stars

three wishes

This time, I actually sort of did see the twist coming. Well, one of them. And frankly, not as quickly as I probably should have. But still. I’m getting better.

I believe this was one of Ms. Moriarty’s first novels, although it doesn’t feel like it. It employs the same convention as many of her other ones – the point of view of three different characters. In this case, the characters are sisters. Triplets actually (a set of identical twins and one fraternal twin). They are interesting, leading fairly ordinary lives (although none of them have money troubles, which doesn’t actually seem that ordinary). But they have challenges, and their relationships with each other, their divorced parents, and their partners are all a bit complicated.

There isn’t a ton to say about this book, other than I enjoyed reading it, and it’s kind of perfect for right now, when I have a lot going on at work and home but still want to read something on the bus that isn’t going to overly tax my brain. However, one area that rubbed me the wrong way was that one of the characters drives drunk. She only does it once, and actually gets caught and there is a repercussion of sorts. But it was treated so … lightly? I mean, I think it was meant to show us how the character was feeling, that this person would do this, but still. This person could have killed someone, and it was just weird to have it be some sort of character-building moment as opposed to a really serious thing.

I’d recommend the book if you’re heading out on vacation and want something that isn’t entirely a pile of fluff but that is still very fun and easy to read.

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