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October 2014



Veronica Mars

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Oh man. Did you know there’s this show about a high school detective? And it’s good? And she’s a complex character with flaws but isn’t dumb or written as primarily existing for men? And she has conversations with her dad that are interesting and not just ‘sullen teenager’ b.s.?

I don’t know why I didn’t start watching it when it came out. I was 24 and had just finished grad school when it premiered; maybe I thought it was a purely high school show? Regardless, I’m a season in and really enjoying it. One benefit of having been outside the target demographic is I am not spoiled; I know nothing other than it lasted three seasons and then there was a movie recently. So I feel like I’m watching a new series.

But back to why the show is so good. It deals with class issues and gender issues and sexual assault and relationships in ways that feel new and interesting while not actually being that original. I mean, yes, the flowers in the attic thing was a new one for TV, but dating best friends? Yeah, we’ve seen that. But here they show that not all interactions are extreme hatred or pure love. People are complicated and selfish and flawed, and Veronica is no different.

I can’t wait to watch more, but I know I’ll be sad when it’s over.

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