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July 2013



What I Learned on My Honeymoon

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Austin and I just got back from spending two weeks traveling across Scotland and Ireland. It was fun, relaxing, interesting, stressful and tiring. Some observations.

1. When I’m in the UK and Ireland there are only two types of alcohol I want: Cider and Whisk(e)y, primarily of the Bulmers/Magners and speyside/Jameson varieties.

2. Scotland and Ireland start to melt around 82 degrees, and shift into a circle of hell around 88 degrees. When that happens, I average three showers per day and become a decidedly un-sunny person.

3. It doesn’t matter how lovely the scenery or wonderful the company; if it’s 90 degrees in my room at 12:30 A.M. I’m going to be miserable. I recognize that makes me a wimp, and possibly a bratty one. I’m not okay with that, but couldn’t figure out how to just ‘get over’ melting into a puddle.

4. The Isle of Skye is gorgeous and I could spend another week there exploring.

5. There’s really no need to visit Inverness.

6. Edinburgh is gorgeous in the summer, when it is light from 5 A.M. until 11 P.M. I can also imagine it being dark and gloomy in the winter and still awesome because of all the cool architecture.

7. By settling down and just picking one major thing to do each day, I was able to relax more and enjoy myself more. I’m not going to be able to see or do everything I want, and trying to takes me away from relaxation and over to stress.

8. I still love Ireland more than most places I’ve been, but I feel okay about not going back for a few years. There’s more to see.

9. There really is nothing like seeing old friends. Ben/Bonnie, Kate/Richard, Vanessa/Diarmuid: it was WONDERFUL to see you and catch up. You are welcome in our home any time.

10. My husband is awesome. After 16 days of near non-stop togetherness, five flights and about 24 hours of road tripping, we only came close to fighting once. Freakin’ sat nav taking us to the train station instead of the train station parking lot.

Next stop: NYC in October!

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