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March 2018



What I’m Reading – 4 March 2018

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Horrific Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Action

“Sheriff’s deputies who patrol schools in the Florida county where 17 people were killed last week in a campus shooting were ordered Wednesday to start carrying AR-15s, the same model of gun used to carry out the attack.” Florida Sheriff Orders Officers At School Campuses To Be Armed With AR-15 Rifles (by Jim Dalrymple II for Buzzfeed News)

Gun Violence

“But FedEx’s decision to stand by the NRA probably has less to do with shipping NRA polo shirts than a much more profitable business: shipping guns. In a stark contrast with FedEx’s recent attempts to distance itself from the gun lobby, the internal company document obtained by ThinkProgress outlines in great detail precisely how FedEx has secretly agreed to bend its own rules on gun shipments for powerful forces in the gun industry, including all major gun manufacturers and the NRA itself.” FedEx’s secret deal with the NRA and the gun industry (by Addy Baird and Judd Legum for Think Progress)

“Bank of America’s decision comes on the heels of a February 19 New York Times editorial by author and columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, who suggested that the financial industry could push back against the massive gun lobby if credit card issuers began banning the sales of firearms using their products.” This statement from Bank of America should make gun manufacturers very worried (by Melanie Schmitz for think Progress)

Criminal Punishment System / Racism

“Police argued that the improper securing of the seat to the vehicle and the “loose straps” were contributing factors in the baby’s death and showed “gross negligence” on Stephen’s part. Though she was not the driver, the young mother told police she was the one who strapped her daughter in that night.” Louisiana Mother Charged with Homicide After Off-Duty Cop Crashed Into Her Car, Killing Daughter (by Tanasia Kenney for Atlanta Black Star)

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