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April 2014



What I’m Reading – April 24, 2014

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After two days at a local conference that offered some good information (and some super awkward moments, thankfully not due to anything I did), I’m happy to share my weekly dive into what is often the pit of humanity. BUT! If you stick with it to the end (or just scroll down), I have a treat for you.

– Let’s start with something good. Go Vermont! Vermont Will Require Labeling of Genetically Altered Foods

– Mostly good: “Here in Ireland, the presumption that all women will have children is so ingrained that child-free couples are referred to in the census as being ‘pre-family’.” Two is really company for childless couples (h/t @nothavingababy)

Aaaaand here we go [content note: rape, racism]

– This scene was horrible, and ended up being an opportune look at rape culture. Why are the Game Of Thrones showrunners rewriting the books into misogyny? (h/t @allisonkilkenny)

– More on the wage discussion. I’m attending the $15 now conference on Saturday, to learn more and get a few questions answered: The Terrible Fear of Paying the Poor Too Much

– Sad but true. Oof. Suffragettes Who Sucked: White Supremacy And Women’s Rights (h/t @studentactivism)

– “Think Lean In meets The Secret.” *shudders* : The female ‘confidence gap’ is a sham (via @JessicaValenti)

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