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August 2019



What I’m Reading – August 25, 2019

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Sexism in Video Games

“What I was putting forth was not radical at all,” she says. “For some reason, people’s minds were blown by me saying, ‘Hey, let’s not treat women like shit.’ Maybe asking to have a female protagonist in the occasional video game is not worthy of bomb threats?” The Anita Sarkeesian story (by Colin Campbell for Polygon)

Racism in Policing

“The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the identification of nearly 330 active local officers’ public Facebook posts that were included in the database. Reggie Shuford of the ACLU of Pennsylvania said, “Hundreds of police officers in Philadelphia openly express hostility and antipathy toward the people they serve. And the report only exposes those officers who did not hide their views behind a privacy wall. How many more officers say the same thing under the cloak of stronger privacy settings?”” Spotlight: In A Study of Cops’ Facebook Accounts, 1 in 5 Has Posted Racist, Violent Content (by Vaidya Gullapalli for The Appeal)

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