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August 2013



What I’m Reading – August 26 2013

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I have a new job. Same office, same team, new work. Woot! Now, on to what I’ve been reading this weekend …

– So, the TSA, FBI and JetBlue all being horrible to this man: Don’t Fly During Ramadan (h/t @allisonkilkenney)

– Ooof. Really, SF? San Francisco Police Department Falsified Racial Statistics For Arrests, Report Finds (h/t @rhaniakhalek)

– What’s wrong with the justice system? So, so much: Raped and Impregnated at 14, Girl Must Now Share Parental Rights with Her Attacker

– Well this is an interesting development… Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself (h/t @irevolt)

– This is fascinating. Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men (h/t Keren B)

– So, PoC are being targeted with bleach at UT? The hell? Minority Students At University of Texas Attacked By An Epidemic Of ‘Bleach Bombs’ (h/t @allisonkilkenney)

– This could be handy some day: Just Delete Me helps you painlessly wipe out all your Web accounts (h/t @sophiaphotos)

– What’s that? Commercial interests will always win out over racism? Blacks Asked To Leave South Carolina Restaurant Because White Customer Felt Threatened (Video) (h/t @jbouie)

– Janelle Monae They Tried To Make This Pop Star Dress And Sing A Certain Way. She Refused And Said These Words. (h/t @mollycrabapple)

– Out to fix Wikipedia: Can These Students Fix Wikipedia’s Lady Problem? (via @motherjones)

– Cultural appropriation *cough* Miley *cough*: Cultural Appropriation in Music: From Madonna to Miley Cyrus (h/t @DrJaneChi)

– Another point on this: Rosen: The 2013 VMAs Were Dominated by Miley’s Minstrel Show

– And finally this, which, to my mind, the best of the three: Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance

– More CNN fail on trans* issues: Behind the scenes at CNN: How the media fails on Chelsea Manning’s gender (via @ZJemptv)

– Oh goody. Credit default by association? Oh Facebook. Facebook friends could change your credit score (via @Q13Fox)

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