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August 2013



What I’m Reading – August 28 2013

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I gave blood today – second time this summer. If you’re eligible to donate and haven’t in at least eight weeks, you should get on that. You can read these articles while you donate!

– Well this is (sadly) surprising: Private Manning’s Transition (via @nytimes)

– Fast food workers striking for living wages: Courage Is Contagious: Fast Food Workers Expected to Protest Low Wages Nationwide (via @allisonkilkenny)

– Another take on Macklemore: It’s Not Macklemore’s Fault That … (h/t @gradientlair)

– UNACCEPTABLE: Unfit judge rules rape victim who killed herself ‘was as much in control of the situation’ as rapist (h/t @stavvers)

Finally – please watch this if you care at all about online harassment of women: Online Harassment, What Drives it and How it Lowers Visions (via @anitasarkeesian)

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