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August 2013



What I’m Reading – August 8 2013

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I got my hair done. It smells like chemicals. Good times.

– Boobs. Video games. But probably not what you’re thinking: Boob Jam: Games to depict ‘unsexy reality’ of breasts

– Hey (some) parents: Do Better: Does the gender pay gap begin with pocket money?

– This is FANTASTIC. I hope more media outlets follow suit: The Washington _________. Why Slate will no longer refer to Washington’s NFL team as the Redskins

– But social security is the problem, right? 401(k)s are a sham

– Interesting, especially in light of the ‘partnerships’ spreading in my home state: Why I Refuse to Be Taken to a Catholic Hospital—And Why Other Women Should Too

– There aren’t a lot of safe spaces for women: Atheism, Sexism and Harassment. The Price of Speaking Up.

– Reminder of why there’s no good reason to interrupt with the ‘not all (white people, white women, etc.) are like that’: We’re Not All Like That

– Finally – if anyone asks, this is why I drink so much cocoa (it sounds so much more respectable than ‘because YUMMY’): Two cups of hot chocolate a day could help fight dementia: study

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