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December 2015



What I’m Reading – December 13, 2015

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Fat Bigotry

– “I just wanted to let you know that I don’t have any respect for you as a teacher, not a professor, I refuse to call you that. And the reason I don’t have any respect for you is because you obviously have no self-respect at all. How am I supposed to respect you if you can’t respect yourself at all. And you know what really kills me about it is that you don’t feel bad about how you look or how you .. put yourself out there. You don’t look good. You need to take better care of yourself.” I Was Trolled and Fat-Shamed by One of My Male College Students (h/t @KateHarding)

Gun Violence

– “To find in that wording an individual right to possess a firearm untethered to any militia purpose, the majority performed an epic feat of jurisprudential magic: It made the pesky initial clause about the necessity of a “well regulated Militia” disappear. Poof! Gone. Scalia treated the clause as merely “prefatory” and having no real operative effect—a view at odds with history, the fundamental rules of constitutional interpretation, and the settled legal consensus for many decades.” The Second Amendment Was Never Meant to Protect an Individual’s Right to a Gun (h/t @mskatemurphy)

– “You earn the right to own and drive a vehicle; earn the right to own and use a gun. Quibble with me over semantics if you want to; what is a “right” vs. what is a “privilege.” I’ll be busy with my friends and colleagues trying to prevent more unnecessary deaths.” Dear America: Here’s Your Gun Solution (via @SaraJBenincasa)


– “Indeed, one of the most fascinating aspects of sports is how simple games reflect the values and ideals of the society they inhabit. Kelce, who is white, danced and no one batted an eye. Newton, who is black, danced and it caused a mild bout of mass hysteria.” ESPN’s Robert Flores: NFL star’s TD dance accepted ‘because he’s not black’

Sexism in Sport

– “e’ve been fighting this battle for quite some time. Soccer, to be honest, is not meant to be played on turf. The ball rolls differently. There are dead spots on every turf field that you play on. It’s a lot harder on the joints, on the body, on the shoulders, on the knees. It’s a just a different playing game. With that said, you don’t see the men ever playing on turf. You don’t see any World Cups being played on turf—even when the major club teams come to America to play on a turf stadium, they lay sod.” We Talked to Hope Solo About Why the US Women’s Soccer Team Skipped a Game in Protest (via @MotherJones)

Sexual Assault

– “I imagine there will be some who will say, “But what about James Deen’s side to this story? What about evidence?” As is the case with the vast majority of rape accusations, especially between intimate partners, Stoya’s story of being raped by James Deen is very likely the only “evidence.” He is certainly within his rights to deny it, though it’s worth noting that he and his representatives have remained mute on the matter, and James has not responded to the text message I sent him yesterday. Like so many rape cases, this will very likely be a “he said/she said” situation. And as I tweeted last night, today and every day, I BELIEVE WOMEN.” Why The Frisky Will No Longer Be Publishing James Deen’s Sex Advice Column (h/t @IjeomaOluo)

Underrepresented Voices

– “In early 2015, Upworthy writer Parker Molloy tweeted a picture of a Kat Von D lipstick color called “Underage Red,” with, again, a tone of mild bemusement. In short order, however, Forbes and Business Insider decided Molloy was “outraged” and “disgusted”—and was also apparently multiple people. Before long, Kat Von D issued a statement refusing to yield to imaginary calls for her to pull the color from shelves, while also insinuating that only a pedophile would find the color name offensive. Way to strike a blow against hysteria and outrage there, Kat.” Rise of the Overreactionaries: Outrage Over Outrage as a Silencing Tactic (via @ZachBudryk)

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