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December 2013



What I’m Reading – December 5, 2013

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It is SO COLD here right now. Not, like, upstate New York cold, but still. Brrrrrr. Here are a few articles that might raise your temperature … as your blood boils.

– And today they announced no charges. Sigh. Jameis Winston, and the Overlapping of Football Culture and Rape Culture (via @scATX)

– Fighting for intersex rights: Special report: Intersex women speak out to protect the next generation

– The problems of low and no-wage jobs exist. It’s not ‘just’ fast food workers. And also? It’s at ‘progressive’ publications: Mother Jones Reportedly Told Its Interns to Go on Food Stamps Because It Pays So Little (h/t @RhaniaKalek)

– Oh man. I’ve got the first dozen or so books for next year’s Cannonball Read: The ‘MHP’ Black Feminism Syllabus (h/t @laurenarankin)

– Justice. Or, you know, not. What is wrong with these people? Divided Federal Court Rules Crack Cocaine Sentencing Reforms Do Not Apply To Those Already in Prison (h/t @prisonculture)

– Oh hey! Two white guys get a Black woman professor disciplined for making them uncomfortable when she talked about institutional racism. Nope, not an article in the Onion. A Few Things I Think We Should Learn From MCTC’s Attack on Professor Shannon Gibney

– Read about the fast food strikes across the country: Fast Food Strikes Hit 100 Cities Thursday (via @allisonkilkenny)

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