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February 2014



What I’m Reading – February 27, 2014

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A week of ups and downs … and a whole lot of obnoxious writing on feminism. Let’s take a look!

Gay Rights:

– I like this trend of not attempting to defend the indefensible: (h/t @MsFoundation)


– Good grief people. Arabic is a language. People will write it. Even on airplanes. Security scare delays EasyJet flight for two hours because schoolboy saw another passenger ‘writing in Arabic’ (h/t @irevolt)

Problems with Mainstream Feminism: 

– One woman’s experience with ignorant white people has lead to this. Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race (via @renireni)

– Tired of talking about the problems with mainstream feminism? Too bad! This is stuff us white women need to read: Toxicity: The True Story of Mainstream Feminism’s Violent Gatekeepers (via @BlackGirlDanger)

– Another take on the issue: From One White Salon Writer to Another: An Open Letter To Michelle Goldberg From Across the Pond (h/t @scATX)

Rape Culture:

– Good response to an awful article: Safety for Survivors (via @Shakestweetz

Reproductive Rights:

– Debunking the propaganda: The Seven Most Common Lies About Abortion (via @LaurenARankin)


– BRILLIANT. Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Medical Marijuana Clinic (via @nprnews)

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