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February 2014



What I’m Reading – February 9, 2014

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This is a little late because of an awesome weekend away that involved snow, hot chocolate, and lots of good friends.

-Eve Ensler is not doing good work, despite what we may have though. Open Letter to Eve Ensler: A Lesson for Haitians (h/t @ChiefElk)

– Irony. On Seeing Dan Snyder at an Event to Promote Racial Justice (via @EdgeOfSports)

– Related to the ridiculous “Nation” cover article this week: In Defense of Twitter Feminism (via @SueyPark)

– Finally, a lot has been written (much of it disgusting) on Dylan Farrow’s statement regarding the abuse by her father, Woody Allen. Here are some great resources if you’re interested in the story (and why “innocent until proven guilty” isn’t a useful response)

Dylan Farrow, Rape Apologia, & Rape Culture 101 (via @Shakesville)

Nope (via @Shakesville)

Choosing Comfort Over Truth: What It Means to Defend Woody Allen (via @JessicaValenti)

Don’t Listen to Woody Allen’s Biggest Defender (h/t @EdgeOfSports)

10 Undeniable Facts About the Woody Allen Sexual-Abuse Allegation

Visualization of Rape Accusation Statistics (h/t @Dr.JaneChi)

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