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July 2015



What I’m Reading – July 12, 2015

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Reproductive Health

– ““There’s a lot to overcome related to anxiety and stigma,” Grant told RH Reality Check. “Speaking unapologetically that we provide abortion in our advertising was a key part of that goal.” Carafem’s ads certainly are frank. Plastered in subway stations and bus stops across the D.C. area, the ads all read, “Abortion. Yeah, we do that,” over a bright pink background and the text, “Here for you. Always. 24/7.”” Google, AdBlade Bar Abortion Clinic From Advertising (h/t @aisfor)

Women in Sports

– “The thing about being a women’s soccer fan is that on some level, you’re never just rooting for your own team. Because every time a team underperforms, every time a team is sent home earlier than expected from a tournament, that’s an opponent that might not exist much longer. That’s a country that has a little more fuel on the fire of sexism that women athletes all over the world face.” A Different Kind Of Party At The Women’s World Cup (h/t @beaglhaus)

Representation in Media

– “As it turns out, cutting the lines spoken by white actors out of many Hollywood films makes them extremely short. Like in the case of the acclaimed Wes Anderson film, “Moonrise Kingdom.” Marron’s edited version is less than 10 seconds long.” Actor re-edits films to demonstrate Hollywood’s lack of diversity (via @KPCC)

– “Broadly doesn’t need to be feminist, but a woman’s section should be run by a woman, and I refuse to believe that there are no women qualified to run such a section. I refuse to believe that there are no women who applied for the job who were equally, if not more qualified than Mitchell Sunderland.” It’s 2015. Why the fuck are men still being hired to run women’s publications? (via @stavvers)


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