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July 2014



What I’m Reading – July 4, 2014

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I plan to spend today reading, watching the World Cup and enjoying a day off. Hopefully you have some fun plans as well!

– Thanks to one of Austin’s friends, we got a private tour of the cellars at Dom Pérignon, and a private tasting. It was amazing: Time Doesn’t Dim Its Sparkle (via @NYTimes)

– I spent loads of time on Twitter yelling about the Hobby Lobby decision; this was also handed down that day but has received less coverage: Supreme Court Delivers a Hit—But Not a “Kill Shot”—to Public-Employee Unions (via @MotherJones)

– Great article on how powerful women are covered in print media: The Princess Effect How women’s magazines demean powerful women—even when they’re trying to celebrate them. (via @SarahKendizor)

– One subject of George Will horrible article on rape responds: Exclusive: The Sexual Assault Survivor George Will Dismissed Responds (h/t @MsFoundation)

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