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June 2014



What I’m Reading – June 12, 2014

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The World Cup started today. I’m currently reading Dave Zirin’s “Brazil’s Dance with the Devil,” which is about the lead up to the World Cup and Olympics. It’s fascinating and disturbing.

– Speaking of the World Cup … Throw FIFA Out of the Game (via @EdgeOfSports)

– Not a perfect article, but some things to think about: Melinda Gates, and Why We Must Talk About Abortion in Feminist and Progressive Circles (via @rhrealitycheck)

– This week I told my boss that I’m not okay with supervising projects staffed with unpaid labor: The moral bankruptcy of the internship economy (via @SarahKendzior)

– And women inch closer and closer to being viewed just as a vessel: Vague Louisiana Bill Would Force Brain-Dead Pregnant Women to Serve as Incubators (via @rhrealitycheck)

– Industry, get your shit together please: There were more severed heads than women presenters at E3 2014 (h/t @femfreq)

– Seriously, get it together: Is ‘we don’t have the resources’ an OK excuse for keeping female heroes out of games? (h/t @femfreq)

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