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May 2014



What I’m Reading – May 15, 2014

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Summer visited again this week. It was pretty lovely.

– I’d love to see a study on the psychological impacts of these laws: When Open Carry Comes to Town

– I can see the author’s point on this one: Stop Describing Your Diet as “Clean Eating”

– What. The. Hell. Forced sexual relations between married couples not rape: Delhi Court

– Hey. Blackwater is horrible. Trying to Salvage Remains of Blackwater Case (h/t @ProPublica)

– Yup: An Open Letter to Bill Maher From a Muslim American

– Great take down of the horror show that is The Biggest Loser: 5 Details They Cut from My Season of ‘The Biggest Loser’ (h/t @Karnythia)

– Whoa: Columbia Students Are Writing The Names Of Accused Rapists On Bathroom Walls (via @ThinkProgress)

– But, to end the day on a high note … The 33 Best Chandler Bing One-Liners

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