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May 2015



What I’m Reading – May 24, 2015

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– “The clerk — apparently either hemophobic, a misogynist, or both — went to fetch a middle-aged woman to ring up Epworth’s purchase instead. “She looked me in the eye like she knew it was ridiculous,” Epworth said. It also seemed evident that this was not unusual and might have happened several times before.” Iowa Store Clerk Refuses To Sell A Woman Tampons Because They’re “Gross” (via @itspulptastic)

Labor Exploitation

– “A dozen security officers frisked us in the street, shouting at us when we tried to talk. They took away our equipment and hard drives and drove us to their headquarters.” Arrested for reporting on Qatar’s World Cup labourers (via @marklobel)

State-Sanctioned Killing

–  The Nebraska vote marks a shift in the national debate because it was bolstered by conservatives who oppose the death penalty for religious reasons, cast it as a waste of taxpayer money and question whether government can be trusted to manage it. Law-and-order conservatives in the United States have traditionally stood among the strongest supporters of the ultimate punishment.” Nebraska set to repeal death penalty after legislature overcomes veto threat (via @guardiannews)

Police Abuse

– “The nine-year pro has been absent from the playoffs after a group of New York Police Department officers broke his leg in April following a late-night confrontation outside a Chelsea nightclub. The police accounts about what took place conflict dramatically, with video that emerged of a group of officers surrounding Sefolosha, with one brandishing a nightstick. Sefolosha, with assistance from the National Basketball Players Association, is planning a lawsuit against the City of New York.” An NBA Player Is Missing the Playoffs Because the NYPD Broke His Leg—Why the Sports-Media Silence? (via @EdgeofSports)

Child Abuse

– “In 2008, he and his team completed a five-year neuroimaging study of the impact of corporal punishment on the brain. He scanned the brains of 46 mainly middle-class, well-educated subjects, half who had been corporally punished and half who had not. “All the subjects that we looked at were hit at least once a month, through several years of childhood,” he said.” Is Being Pro-Spanking A Sign of Brain Damage? (via @DrStacyPatton)


– “Those of us here in King County are lucky enough to live in one of the best places in the nation (perhaps, the world) for emergency response. Our cardiac arrest survival rate, the gold standard in emergency response, has been documented everywhere from academic journals to the Wall Street Journal, and our system is studied far and wide.” Why King County’s EMS is the best in the world: Q&A with Mickey Eisenberg


– “Your one-stop shop for health and safety data on cruise ships.” Cruise Control (via @propublica)

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