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May 2017



What I’m Reading – May 28, 2017

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Horrific Legislation and Executive Action

“The probe found that the U.S. bomb triggered secondary explosions from devices clandestinely planted there by ISIS fighters. And the military says the secondary blasts caused the concrete building to collapse. It was likely the largest single incident of civilian deaths since the U.S. air campaign against ISIS began in 2014.” U.S. Airstrike Killed Over 100 Civilians in Mosul, Pentagon Says (by Coutney Kube via AP and NBC News)

White Supremacy

“The suspect left a gruesome scene on the Green Line train. He lashed out at three men who had tried to calm him down, fatally stabbing two of them and sending the other to the hospital with stab wounds, police said. The third man is expected to survive. The rampage at the start of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, brought an immediate outcry from religious and civic leaders in Portland and across the country.” Man saw teenagers, one with hijab, and launched into racial tirade (by Eder Campuzano for The Oregonian)

Corporate Responsibility

“The NBA fancies itself a progressive sports league, but that reputation took a big hit on Wednesday when Commissioner Adam Silver announced the 2019 NBA All-Star Game would be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, despite the fact North Carolina still has anti-LGBTQ legislation on the books.” NBA betrays LGBTQ community by awarding Charlotte the 2019 All-Star Game (by Lindsay Gibbs for Think Progress)

Failures of White Feminism

“I once strongly identified as a feminist, but the hypocrisy of the feminist movement has pushed me away. My people, the Tsalagi, never needed feminism before white, christian men invaded our lands. We were matrilineal and matriarchal. Our women had power, safety, and love. It is only as a result of white invasion that feminism is supposedly needed; that is, ameriKKKan feminism is merely one more way in which the white settlers have forced themselves upon us. Native Women no more need feminism than we need colonialism and christianity.” How White Feminists Fail As Native Allies In The Trump Era (by Jen Deerinwater for The Establishment)

Criminal Punishment System

“ICE agents were in the restaurant, 216 S. State, around 11:30 a.m. and had breakfast before entering the kitchen area, where they took three people into custody, said owner Sava Lelcaj. She was not in the restaurant at the time. “They came in looking for one person, who was not on duty,” said Lelcaj. Instead, the agents started to question kitchen workers and apprehended three people who were taken to ICE’s Detroit office, Lelcaj said. Those people are now being released, she said Wednesday afternoon.” Ann Arbor restaurant says ICE agents ate breakfast, then detained 3 workers (by Jessican Haynes for Michigan Live)

“During his probation period, court papers show that he paid his restitution, attended every meeting, finished his community service and even kept himself employed. Unbeknownst to Chatman, he was identified as a suspect in a convenience store robbery in 2014. Although he was on probation, which means that he was required to submit his whereabouts to law-enforcement officials monthly, Chatman was never arrested for the robbery. In fact, according to him, he had no idea that he was a suspect.” Black Man Found Not Guilty of Crime, Still Sentenced to 7 Years In Prison (by Michael Harriott for The Root)

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