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November 2013



What I’m Reading – November 14, 2013

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Longest short week of my life. But it’s done down, and I’m happy.

Sorry, Whedonites (and I do love me some Firefly), but he’s wrong on this one: Yay! Permission from a white cis dude not to identify as a feminist! (via @redlightvoices)

Best response to that cringe-inducing Upworthy “Marriage Isn’t for You” pose: An Open Letter to Anyone Who Thinks They Can Solve the Riddles of Marriage and Parenthood by Reading an Open Letter (via @cortenlow)

Oh good. Now anti-choice folks are advocating kidnapping. FANtastic. So Creepy. So Illegal.

This story is SO disturbing. Anger Grows After Black Woman Is Shot By White Homeowner (via @nprnews)

Must read from New York Magazine: 26 Women Share Their Abortion Stories

Bears repeating: Vaccines don’t cause autism. I’ve Got Whooping Cough. Thanks a Lot, Jenny McCarthy.

My mom told me about this. Yikes. California Headed For Driest Year On Record (via @thinkprogress)

Lily Allen Epic Fail: Lily Allen says her video for Hard Out Here isn’t to do with race. She is wrong

More on that here: Easy Out There For A (White) Bitch: A Few Words On Lily Allen and the Continued Use of Black Women’s Bodies As Props (via @blackgirldanger)

This is fascinating. I hope to write something on it this weekend: Ohio Delay’s Inmate’s Execution Over Organ Donation (via @ap)


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