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November 2015



What I’m Reading – November 15, 2015

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– “The nurse was caught off guard by my question – most people ask for help with getting pregnant, not the other way round. As nicely as possible, she answered, “To be honest, love, I can’t see that any doctor would think that’s a good idea. It’s not something we would want to allow until after you’ve had children, or once you’re past childbearing age.” And, there it is. I can’t be trusted to make decisions about my own body until it’s too late for it to matter.”  Out of the void: A new kind of support system emerges for childfree women across the pond (h/t @nothavingababy)

Gender Equity

– “The countries with the most female lawmakers have made major strides on issues such as education, labor-force participation and paid leave.” Here’s What Happens When You Put More Women in Government (h/t @RepresentPledge)

– “It was supposed to fix the problem and end the fighting. It’s made it worse. In These Times interviewed two of the panelists and found that, in its efforts to take harassment seriously, SXSW is failing to meet or understand their needs.” Why SXSW’s ‘Harassment Summit’ Is a Terrible Solution to Harassment (h/t @sadydoyle)

– “”After going to these studios and telling people about how there’s barely any female leads in films and the industry’s in crisis, people were aghast,” she said. “‘That’s horrible,’ they said. And then they changed the subject and moved on with their dinner and moved on with their lives. But I could not change the subject.”” Reese Witherspoon at the ‘Glamour’ Women of the Year Awards: “Female-Driven Films Work” (via @micnews)

Health Care

– “She’s put 250,000 miles on her Honda minivan going to their homes in upstate New York. Home visits make a different kind of care possible.” Doctor Treats Homebound Patients, Often Unseen Even By Neighbors (via @npr)


– ““The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe ‘injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere’ We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences. WE ARE UNITED!!!!!”” Black Mizzou Football Players Are Going on Strike Over Campus Racism (via @EdgeofSports)

Sharing Economy

– “Startups that redefine social and economic relations pop up in an instant. Lawsuits and regulations lag behind. While my family may be the first guests to speak out about a wrongful death at an Airbnb rental, it shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise. Staying with a stranger or inviting one into your home is an inherently dicey proposition.” Living and Dying on Airbnb (h/t @JessicaValenti)


– Here Are The Victims Of The Paris Attacks (via @BuzzFeedNews)


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