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November 2013



What I’m Reading – November 21 2013

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So, USA Today apparently assumes the default setting of films is White; anything featuring non-White actors must, therefore, be “race-themed” – If ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Is ‘Race-Themed,’ So Are These Ten Other Movies (via @ThinkProgress)

Disgusting. Disgusting – Court takes couple’s children because father is transgender (h/t @SophiaPhotos)

Rape culture article (bonus: points out some horrible things faculty at one of my alma maters has done): (via @RedLightVoices)

Wednesday was Transgender Day of Remembrance: 238 Names

I was not aware – I guess it shouldn’t surprise me though: Why I’m Not a TEDx Speaker

Great article on purity: Don’t Just ‘Reframe’ Purity Culture—Rethink the Whole Concept

Finally – the latest Feminist Frequency Video – it’s awesome as expected.

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