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October 2017



What I’m Reading – October 1, 2017

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Puerto Rico

“Trump jetted to New Jersey that Thursday night to spend a long weekend at his private golf club there, save for a quick trip to Alabama for a political rally. Neither Trump nor any of his senior White House aides said a word publicly about the unfolding crisis. Trump did hold a meeting at his golf club that Friday with half a dozen Cabinet officials — including acting Homeland Security secretary Elaine Duke, who oversees disaster response — but the gathering was to discuss his new travel ban, not the hurricane. Duke and Trump spoke briefly about Puerto Rico but did not talk again until Tuesday, an administration official said.” Lost weekend: How Trump’s time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria (by Abby Phillip, Ed O’Keefe, Nick Miroff and Damian Paletta for Washington Post)

“As Trump was calling our people lazy, Lin-Manuel and I were on our way to increase support for relief efforts. We have been working nonstop to help Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria hit the island more than 10 days ago. It took my son an hour to respond to his insulting tweets, after a long hour of introspection and reflection.” Puerto Ricans aren’t ‘lazy’ and will remember Trump’s bad hurricane response, writes father of Lin-Manuel Miranda (by Luis Miranda, Jr. for The New York Daily News)

“There’s still little power on the island. In many places there’s still no water to drink or bathe in or to flush toilets. There’s limited food and cell service, and dozens of remote villages have been completely from everything cut off for 11 days. “Make no mistake — this is a humanitarian disaster involving 3.4 million US citizens,” Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said Monday.” What every American needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane disaster (by Brian Resnick and Eliza Barclay for Vox)

“The Adventure of the Seas, which can carry 3,114 passengers, will forgo its scheduled Saturday voyage and travel to San Juan, St. Croix and St. Thomas on Friday to pick up evacuees and bring supplies. A spokesman for Royal Caribbean told the Miami Herald that the cruise line expects to pick up more than 3,000 people, taking them back to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.” Royal Caribbean cancels cruise, sends ship on rescue mission to Puerto Rico (by Avery Anapol for The Hill)

Unacceptable Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Action

“Fifty immigrants across the state were among nearly 500 nationwide arrested for federal immigration violations in an operation that targeted so-called sanctuary cities and, in the case of Massachusetts, a state that had not fallen in line with President Trump’s aggressive deportation policies. In a statement, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, said its four-day “Safe City” operation, which ended Wednesday, was “focused on cities and regions where ICE deportation officers are denied access to jails and prisons to interview suspected immigration violators or jurisdictions where ICE detainers are not honored.”” 50 immigrants arrested in Mass. as part of ICE operation (by Jeremy C. Fox for Boston Globe)

“Adam Schwartz, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which advocates for privacy and free expression, said the plan was disturbing. “We see this as part of a larger process of high-tech surveillance of immigrants and more and more people being subjected to social media screening,” Schwartz told BuzzFeed News. “There’s a growing trend at the Department of Homeland Security to be snooping on the social media of immigrants and foreigners and we think it’s an invasion of privacy and deters freedom of speech.”” People Are Worried About DHS Plans To Gather Social Media Info (by Adolfo Flores for Buzzfeed)

Fighting Back Against Police Brutality and Racial Injustice

“Protest is patriotic. Protest has played a critically important role in elevating the voices of the most vulnerable in our nation. Protest in America has been essential to ending war, to demanding equal rights, to ending unfair practices that keep citizens marginalized. If we quell protest in the name of patriotism, we are not patriots. We are tyrants.” The NFL Protests Are Patriotic (by John Legend for Slate)

“The WNBA’s visible protest is no surprise: They’ve been the most socially conscious professional sports league for a while now. This demonstration is just the latest example in a long line of actions WNBA players have taken to protest injustice. Yet much of the media attention about anthem protests ignores the leadership role these women have taken. Sadly, this is part of a larger trend when it comes to women—and Black women in particular—not receiving the credit they deserve. In the United States, women’s sports are considered “second tier,” causing all women’s professional sports, including the WNBA, to fight for viewers and ticket sales.” All of the Work, None of the Credit: Don’t Drop the Ball on the WNBA’s Activism (by Britni de la Cretaz for Bitch)

Gender Disparity

“According to Dr. Michele Ramsey, Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences at Penn State Berks, emotional labor is often conflated with problem solving. “The gendered assumption is that ‘men are the problem solvers because women are too emotional,’” she explains. “But who is really solving the bulk of the world’s problems at home and in the office?” As the household manager for my husband and three kids, I’m fairly certain I know the answer. I was gifted a necklace for Mother’s Day while my husband stole away to deep clean the bathrooms, leaving me to care for our children as the rest of the house fell into total disarray.” Women Aren’t Nags – We’re Just Fed Up (by Gemma Hartley for Harper’s Bazaar)


“As of late afternoon local time, some 465 people had been injured, according to El Pais, a prominent Spanish newspaper. That number was later revised to 761, according to the Associated Press. Officials have not yet discussed publicly the severity of injuries, or whether there were any casualties. Roughly 2,300 polling stations were open on Sunday morning, Catalan officials claimed, but the national government in Madrid said it had closed down more than half of those, according to Reuters. Riot officers were stationed outside, blocking voters from entering many of the buildings. In one video, police appear to break into a polling station in order to stop people from voting.” Violence Is Erupting In Spain As Catalans Try To Vote (by Rose Troup Buchanan and Ellen Cushing for Buzzfeed)



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