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October 2014



What I’m Reading – October 12, 2014

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– “Stop trying to repackage black cool or trends as if it’s some sort of brand-new idea.” Thug Kitchen: A Recipe in Blackface (h/t @fatbodypolitics)

– “Completely confused by the incident, Currie was sprayed with pepper spray in the face as he tried to explain that he lived there and had his own room.” Black teenage foster child gets accused by neighbors of burglary and pepper-sprayed in his own home (via @shaunking)


– “But instead he prioritized the comfort and security of his officer over the comfort and security of his community, which … okay, non-rhetorical question: Isn’t that literally the opposite of his job?” 4 Weird Decisions That Have Made Modern Cops Terrifying (h/t @studentactivism)

Health Care

– “We had no difficulty explaining the specific dangers of various treatment options, but we never really touched on the reality of his disease.” Doctors Who Don’t Know How to Talk About Death

– “Still, the sight was a little jarring: The woman was putting the food into plastic foam plates just a few steps from the dressing rooms for staff members coming out of the decontamination areas, the pharmacy, and past a refrigerator with a sign marked, “Ebola blood tests. NO FOOD.”” Life, Death and Grim Routine Fill the Day at a Liberian Ebola Clinic (via @sherifink)

– “The oilfields giant, which also donated $100,000 to the foundation, boasts that it’s “doing our ‘bit’ for the cure.” Get it? It’s a pun. A horribly misguided, pinkwashing attempt at a pun.” Fracking company teams up with Susan G. Komen, introduces pink drill bits “for the cure” (h/t @EdgeofSports)

– “Under these interpretations, Amendment 67 would go farther than any anti-abortion measure in U.S. history. Even before Roe v. Wade, criminal abortion laws typically carried penalties from one to ten years, not Colorado’s first-degree murder sentencing of life in prison or death.” Keep Mothers Out of Jail: Vote ‘No’ on Colorado’s ‘Personhood’ Measure (via @RHRealityCheck)


– “The actor – livid – called the violation a “sex crime”, accused those who looked at the photos of “perpetuating a sexual offense” and added: I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.” The Jennifer Lawrence nude photo hack response is the end of the ‘shamed starlet’ (via @JessicaValenti)

– “Sexual harassment on the job, while illegal, is still very common, particularly for women.” Woman Fired Day After She Complained Coworker Rubbed Her Buttocks (via @ThinkProgress)

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