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October 2013



What I’m Reading – October 7, 2013

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Happy Monday – unless you work for the federal government, in which case I’m very sorry that the GOP continues to hold your livelihood hostage.

– Stay classy, Ole Miss: Ole Miss Football Players Disrupt Performance About Hate Crimes By Yelling Gay Slurs (via @ThinkProgress)

– This is AMAZING: If Congress Got Stuff Done Like Roommates (h/t @raniakhalek)

– HA HA: Texas Law Prompts Creation of More Abortion Clinics (And One Will be in Houston) (h/t @clinicescort)

– Ugh. LSE. Really? Atheist society harassed by student union at LSE freshers’ fair (h/t @szvan)

– I’ll be following this VERY closely: Sisters Question Police Actions in Deadly DC Chase (via @ap)

– Like, for example, this thoughtful commentary: My Lingering Disquiet Over the Capitol Hill Shooting (h/t @prisonculture)

– I don’t understand how we allow this treatment in our prisons, in our names: After 42 Years in Solitary, Herman Wallace Dies a Free Man (via @ACLU)

– Wow. Go California: California Poised to Broaden Access to Abortions

– This. So much this: Fuck “Save the Tatas” (via @scATX)

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