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September 2015



What I’m Reading – September 26, 2015

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– ““Today in a more troubled world, I think females should take more important roles, and then I told that reporter, if a female Dalai Lama comes, their face should be very attractive.” “So you can only have a female Dalai Lama if they’re attractive? Is that what you’re saying?” asked Myrie, trying valiantly to let him take it back.” Dalai Lama: A Female Dalai Lama Must Be Attractive, ‘Otherwise Not Much Use’ (via @jezebel)

Native Americans

– “In one of his many letters addressed to the Pope, Valentin Lopez, Chairman on the Amah Mutsun, writes: “Serra was the architect of the mission system; he developed the brutal, inhumane policies that had no regard for our ancestors … This terror included the violent capture, enslavement, torture and rape of natives, as well as an unhealthy diet and squalid living quarters that resulted in the death of an estimated 150,000 California Indians in the missions. This number includes thousands of women and children who died from syphilis and gonorrhea as a result of their sexual abuse. How the Catholic Church and you, Holy Father, can consider Serra’s actions to be holy, sacred or saintly is incomprehensible to our tribe.”” Man Who Helped Kill Thousands of Native Americans to Be Made a Saint by Pope Francis Today (via @micnews)

Reproductive Rights

– “The Republican obsession with the group seems to come to this: denying women, especially poor women, the health care they need; pandering for primary votes among Tea Party regulars; and obstructing the budget process and the smooth functioning of government. Quite a record.” The G.O.P.’s Obsession With Planned Parenthood (h/t @JessicaValenti)

– “It’s not “unclear” whether Planned Parenthood is profiting from the sale of fetal tissue. Nearly a dozen states called for investigations into Planned Parenthood after the heavily edited “undercover” videos were released, and not a single one of them has turned up any evidence of wrongdoing. It’s abundantly clear that Planned Parenthood is doing nothing wrong and has been complying with the law.” This Is Unconscionable (via @shakestweetz)


– “Told by the agent that she needed to be run as a man or a woman, Petosky said she replied, “I’m transgender. I am a woman, but I have an atrophied penis, trying to make it kind of not a big deal.”” Transgender Woman Says She Was Delayed by TSA for Anatomical ‘Anomaly’ (h/t @DrJaneChi)

– “For transgender people, those particle body scanners that passengers must now pass through are problematic, because TSA personnel push a button indicating whether — based on their visual perception — the passenger is male or female. Another agent views the scan to look for any “anomalies,” appearances that shouldn’t be on the scan. For a transgender woman (scanned as a woman), her penis might appear as such. For a transgender man (scanned as a man), it could be chest-binding that he’s wearing to reduce the appearance of his breasts.” Trans Woman Live-Tweets Her Frightening Experience With Airport Security (via @ThinkProgress)

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