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July 2013



What I’m Reading – July 22 2013

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A lovely summer Monday in Seattle. It’s my day off, so I’ve been running errands, doing laundry, reading (A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Two), and catching up on the day’s news. In an effort to write more, I’ve decided to do a compilation post every day, with at least weekly in-depth posts on a topic of interest, plus the Cannonball Read V reviews as I finish up books.

So, on with today.

– A quick reminder from the good folks at Shakesville on how to stop rape: Today in Rape Culture

– A feminist I follow on twitter – Amanda Marcotte – was the subject of a whole lot of negative tweets by Dr. Jane Chi, a fellow feminist. I’ve not read any of Ms. Marcotte’s longer form articles or books, so I was unaware of the issue. This article clarified that for me. As a very privileged feminist myself, I recognize that voices from women whose experiences more closely match mine than other people’s get way more coverage than makes sense (even when those voices are good, they shouldn’t drown out the feminists who are persons of color). It’s a shame that Ms. Marcotte perhaps willfully chooses to ignore the broader issues of intersectionality: An Open Letter to Amanda Marcotte

I’m also on the lookout for some good articles on the media coverage of that baby that was born in London today, focusing more on the hoopla and the bizarre idea of royalty still existing. If you know of any please send them my way.

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