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May 2007



Where do you think she’s headed?

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Wednesday was a crazy day, in terms of all that we did. Well, all that we walked, actually.

I got a later than usual start, since Vanessa’s flight didn’t arrive until 11ish. I took the tube in and got back my bank card (huzzah!), then went up to the hotel to meet her. It was very cute, on Sussex Garden, which is three long blocks that are basically mini hotels on either side. Ours was typical European – little rooms, little bathrooms, minimal amenities. But it served us quite well.

After a quick bite, we hopped on the train and headed to Harrods! Wow, is that place insane. Its size reminds me a bit of the big Macy’s store in Herald Square, but it is so much gaudier. The food hall was beyond amazing – meats and cheeses and chocolates galore. We also took a peak at shoes we couldn’t afford (760 pounds for one pair!) and other dream items. That put us in a bit of a shopping mood, but first we thought we’d visit Westminster Abby. We were too late, so we continued on to visit The Ritz (I used to do PR for them in another life), then discovered Old Bond and New Bond streets, which are fabulous pedestrian shopping arcades. Found some choice items.

We ended up in Soho (I don’t believe it stands for anything in the same way it does in NYC, but someone feel free to correct me on that), and had a very yummy, very leisurely dinner. Then we walked back down to Westminster via Trafalger Square so we could sneak a peak at No. 10 Downing, where Prime Minister Blair lives. Then we crossed the bridge so I could snap a photo of the Houses of Parliament at dusk, all lit up. Just gorgeous. Trained it back up to the hotel, and watched the last few minutes of Big Brother 8. It is a much bigger deal here than back in the states, and trust me, from what I saw it is hilarious.

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