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June 2007



1.50 Euro for a towel, please

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Travel day. I’m beat, I have to say. Up at 6 to get to the airport for the flight to Dublin, then a couple of hours in Dublin, then a train across the country to Galway City, which frankly is a bit drunk at the moment for my tastes. And sadly I can’t seem to find the pub I so loved last time. Ah, well, all can’t be perfect, I suppose. If this is the worst of it, then that’s just fine. The train ride was lovely, though – the countryside was just gorgeous. It’s been misty most of the day, and at times there was fog rising right up from the fields.

Now I’m killing time at an internet cafe until it gets dark (it’s already past 10 PM, but I just can’t bring myself to go to bed when it’s light out). Also, I’m in a “mixed” room, so there are men and women in it – and my roommates are some men who are about 50. Perhaps this will be a time to stay up all night to catch up on my reading . . .

Tomorrow I’m off to the Aran Islands, and I can’t wait. Hope all is well stateside and beyond.

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