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June 2007



Thorn bush. Crap. CRAP.

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Hello from Connelly station in Dublin. I’m waiting for my train to Belfast, and stumbled upon internet access.

My evening in Galway City turned out a fair bit better than my last post suggested. After I went back to the hostel, I met some folks (American, Scottish and Australian), and we went to visit a few of the pubs playing more traditional music, so that was quite nice.  However, back at the hostel, it was still less than desirable. I fell asleep around 2 AM, and was up at 5:30. Ah, well, it wasn’t so bad, and I only spent one night there.

Sunday was just glorious. Although it was raining in Galway, it was clear and warm in Inis Mor. After arriving around 11:30, I checked into the most charming B & B, and was off to explore. The island only has about 800 residents, and is 2 miles wide by 6 miles long. The big news – they got an ATM this year. But it isn’t really the land that time forgot – it’s more like the land that time took care of. The people are quite friendly, and there’s enough space to spread out in so that even though throngs of tourists take it over, I still managed to find many peaceful spots.

As suggested by all, I rented a bike. I made it part-way to the fort on the cliffs, but was so exhausted I turned back, and managed to get somewhat lost on an island of only about three roads. But the best moment – as I rode on a very hilly and unpaved road, the back wheel of the bike went one way, the front another, and I a third. I was fortunate not to brain myself on one of the delightful stone walls; no, my fall was broken by a thorn bush. It was right out of a sitcom. I stood up with not even my pride injured (no one was around to see), but my knees, arms and hands have definitely looked better. Ah, well, had to get back on the bike – how else was I going to find my way home?

After I turned in the bike, I got some lunch, then walked. And shopped at the couple of local crafts shops. Then back to the B & B to clean up (it looks much worse than it is, but the innkeeper was a bit taken aback) before another very long walk in the evening. I spent a good hour just sitting on the rocks watching and listening to the tide roll in. It was unreal. Then I stopped into a pub where a family was singing traditional music – the whole family (except a very bored-looking father) was singing and playing instruments. It was mostly locals, too, so that was a great experience.

Up at 6:30 this morning to get the ferry and bus back to Galway, then three hours on a train to Dublin. Only three hours left to travel, and then I’ll be in Belfast until Wednesday. I’m excited to sleep in the same place for two nights.

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