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March 2010



8 Things I learned at the England vs Egypt Friendly match

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1. The Egypt National Anthem sounds kind of like what I thought the British National Anthem sounds like.

2. However, “God Save the Queen,” the actual British National Anthem? That’s a modified version of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” (well, actually vice versa). Wow, Americans were kind of snotty on that one, eh?

3. When John Terry takes the field, or touches the ball in the first few minutes, the fans give him hell. But they forget his transgressions as the match continues, and even start to cheer when he does well.

4. The jackasses sitting behind me are not only bigots, but idiots as well, as they shouted “(fill in Egyptian-sounding name here) is a shoe bomber” to attempt to taunt the visiting team. I really really REALLY wanted to turn around and point out the Richard Reid was BORN AND RAISED IN ENGLAND, but I know that when I’m hanging out with a male friend I need to keep my mouth shut, because jackasses like that won’t get into with me, they’ll get into with the my guy friend. 

5. Wembley holds over 80,000 people, and probably half of them take the underground to get home. Which means that after the match, you wait on Wembley Way. It took us 50 minutes from leaving the stadium to getting on the train, but man, it was orderly. Those Brits really do queue well.

6. He may look like a praying mantis, but Crouch gets it DONE.

7. Football is, in my opinion, the most exciting of the team sports. I knew that before I went to the match, but it needs to be said again. It is WAY more exciting than baseball, much more fun than basketball, moves faster than American football, and is about on par with Hockey in terms of the amazing skill and endurance the athletes have. The tide can turn in a second, and they aren’t constantly stopping for TV time outs, or time outs, or even substitutions (they only get three per side in a non-friendly match).

8. Even though he didn’t play, I did see him on the screen warming up and yes, David Beckham is still super pretty.


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