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March 2010



What … What?

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Okay, I am often on here complaining about some business transaction that did not go as planned – you got to read about the camera and the warranty, as well as the telephone and warranty. And of course, I’ve written epic posts on GHI, the “Health Insurance” company that told me I would be charged $333/month and then charged me $397/month, replying to my dozen requests for explanation with some version of “too bad our staff screwed up. But you are the one who will pay for the errors.” I hopefully will be eligible to purchase private insurance in May, although that’s definitely not a given. 

Anyway, since I am often complaining, I thought I’d mention this:

My health insurance premium when down.

I know.


It only went down by about $10, which is really only about 2.5% of my rate. But still. I am shocked.

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