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November 2008



A Beautiful Day

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I bought the New York Times for the first time in my life today. And apparently I’m not the only one – they had to do a second printing! 

I’m listening to the fabulous U2 track Beautiful Day, just enjoying it. I know that this isn’t the solution to the problems of the country – it’s just the first step that will allow us to try to implement the solutions we need. 

But man, it’s so, so good to have the chance to make a difference, you know? And I do work for the government, and even though it’s the city, we work with the federal government, which means I will have the opportunity to do some work with this administration. To see first hand how his implementation of his ideas really works in the policy sense.

And can I just say? I could not be happier with the small, wonderful group of friends I got the pleasure of being with last night as we jumped up and down, cried and cheered when the race was called at 11 PM Eastern. We had a time.

Finally – to any friends of mine who may have voted for McCain – please don’t worry. Seriously. The Apocalypse is not upon us. Our morals are not going to go down the tube. Money is not going to be pried from the rich and used to purchase Bentleys for people on welfare. And I don’t mean that sarcastically – I know of at least one person who liked Obama but was was ‘terrified’ of his economic policies.

But please, for once, trust us liberals. Let’s see what we can do with the country.

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