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August 2010



A tale of two (or three) cities

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Being back in Seattle is great. Riding the bus home from doing some work for my friends’ law firm causes my breath to catch a bit – the views stunning. Yesterday I got to see a lot of folks at a lovely BBQ my new roommates threw to welcome me home. I’m finding a few jobs to apply for, and finally, FINALLY secured private health insurance, which means no more COBRA at crazy high prices.

Today, however, for the first time I really started to feel the reality of not living in London anymore. I went through this when I left NYC – suddenly not being able to call up Jon Mark when something ridiculous happened, or not being able to meet up with Kathleen for brunch the day before a race. It’s a shock to the system and even though London was where I wanted to go after NYC, that didn’t mean I didn’t really miss my NYC family. I still do, all the time (and especially at Thanksgiving).

And now I’m feeling the same things. Seattle is where I want to make my home, and I’m so happy to be back, but that doesn’t mean I don’t really miss my friends in London. I met such wonderful people there – people who I learned so much from, and with whom I had such great times. Obviously I’ll work hard to be sure I see as many of them again as possible (graduation in December!), but again, I can’t just call Kate and Richard up to go see a movie for Orange Wednesday, or text Alissa to meet me at reception to go get coffee. And the eight-hour time difference is really, really tough. If I’m not up and moving early on the weekends, it gets too late to call or Skype.

I’ve moved a few times in the last dozen years, and have been lucky enough to make such good friends in those places. I’m lucky to have this problem, I realize. And as time goes on I know I’ll get used to communicating primarily via Skype and Facebook instead of texts and Mondays at the George, but right now, it’s still a bit sad.


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