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August 2010



Coming Home

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My last week in London was fantastic: Diego threw a great party that involved much drinking and dancing; I saw a movie at Canary Wharf with Kate and Richard one more time (the A-Team – stupid and great); and I visited with almost everyone one last time at a fantastic pub near Finsbury Park – I really appreciate that people made the trek up to the top of Zone 2 in the midst of dissertation writing. Shawn was kind enough to help me get my luggage to the airport, and other than a frustrating baggage switch in Chicago (and the apparent lack of A/C in that airport) it was a smooth trip home to Seattle.

I’ve been back for a couple of days, and they’ve been great. Hot, but great. Renee and Kevan have made me feel so at home, which is not surprising, but it’s still been so nice to not be stressed out about my living situation. I got to spend all day Saturday with Jamie, Mike and Jesse – that kid has grown so much in the four months since I last visited. I’m trying to teach her how to say “ha ha” like Nelson from the Simpsons when she does something like crumbling crackers down into the couch cushions, and I’ve made a bit of progress. Today I even worked a few hours for PEL, scanning documents. At least I’ll be able to buy groceries.

Oh, and my fantasy football team (England Premier League) isn’t doing horribly. Yet.

Next up? Finding a permanent job.

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