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August 2010



Are you sure we have enough money for [the gun] AND the wedding dress?

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Since I’m about to leave London, I thought I’d take a minute to list out some of my best times here. I did it when I left NYC, so why not now?

For my own enjoyment (which, frankly, describes most everything I post here), here is the list of my favorites of London:
Theater-going experience: Seeing Priscilla Queen of the Desert with Jon Mark
Museum exhibition: Photography exhibition at National Portrait Gallery
Concert (large scale): Carmina Burana at Royal Albert Hall
Concert (small scale): Bonfire Band in Stoke Newington
Standing date: Orange Wednesdays + crap movies with Richard
Tea: Tie between National Gallery for my birthday and Gosvenor House with Kate
Pub Quiz Team Name: Taking care of quizness
Travel and Days Out
Adventure: Alexandra Park with Shawn
Premiere league football viewing: Blues v Spurs in Birmingham in January with Kate and Richard
World cup viewing: Final moments of the last US and England group match games in Berlin with Stephanie
Awe-inspiring architecture: La Sagrada Famiglia with Allegra
Celebration: Travel to Paris for my 30th birthday with Vanessa
Beer Garden: Royal Park Inn near Victoria Park
When in Rome moment: Brownies with Lesley-Anne in Amsterdam
Unplanned vacation: Getting stuck in the states when the volcano erupted, guaranteeing an extra eight days with my east coast friends
Unexpected holiday: Bastille Day in Paris with Michelle
Tradition that kept going: Cookie Party (London AND NYC editions)
Trauma: Walking all around Barbican in search of the Waitrose to procure a whole turkey at 8pm the night before Thanksgiving
Meal: Dinner at Ffiona’s with my family to celebrate my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary
Bizarro moment: Burlesque birthday party for advisor
Unexpected comment (not directed at me, but to a friend): “So, you know when you’re shaving your balls?”
Scene out of horror movie: Me and Alissa walking back from the department Christmas party, down Artillery Passage, noticing a trail of blood culminating in a pool of blood in front of an apartment door
I’ll miss you, London, but I should be back in December for graduation.
Seattle, here I come!


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