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September 2009



Another day, another park

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I spent Sunday afternoon (another GORGEOUS day here) wandering around Regents Park after a quick run over the Tower Bridge. It’s huge and really lovely, especially the gardens (pictures are attached once again). For such a lovely day there weren’t as many people out as I would have expected, although one nice gentleman did ask if he could walk with me through the park (I politely, I hope, declined). 

I’m figuring out the buses fairly well, and am taking them as much as possible, as I’d rather pay one pound than the higher price for the tube. Plus, I have to read, and usually get a seat on the bus, so that’s another upside.

Sunday night was drinks organized by the housing, then dinner out with people. I’ve met folks from France, Brazil, Finland, German, the Czech Republic, Italy and Ireland so far, all of them quite nice. It’s always kind of weird meeting new people after the standard questions have been asked, at least for me. I did stick around for post-dinner drinks at Gun, the local pub.

Today was spent taking care of more paperwork and such for school, and getting a real phone plan and phone number. And I finally have kitchen items, so I can cook! Not that this means I’m going to start tonight, but still. I no longer have to eat my sandwiches while standing over the sink.

My ethernet is still a bit sketchy, but even with all the people possibly on the wireless network I’m using now, it seems to mostly be working, which is excellent. I’m trying to troubleshoot, but I still need to make good enough friends with someone to ask if I can try my laptop and cord in their system to see if it’s my room or computer. That could take a couple of days.

Oh, and last (and really most exciting): I found a good cobbler. I walk through my shoes at an amazing clip, and don’t see that being any different here. It’s those little things that really make this feel like a place I’m living and not just visiting.

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