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September 2009



Well, really they should have changed it to “coler”

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My first long run in London! Ten miles along the Thames was a lot, but I was able to do it, and it felt good! I also attempted to iron something and managed to give myself a lovely three-inch burn (complete with blister!) on my leg. Yeah, it’s awesome.It was gorgeous here today. I was able to wear a sundress and sit in Hyde Park, enjoying a gorgeous day. I may have even gotten a bit of a tan. I’m reading the book suggested to me by the department for the people who weren’t so much philosophy majors, and it’s really interesting. I navigated the bus system somewhat successfully, and even bought some groceries to put together food. No cooking yet – but maybe tomorrow.

Tonight I met up with Dan and some of the friends he made when he lived here a couple of years ago. It was very fun, especially as we got down to the “here’s where the American accent and words are wrong” section of the evening. It was honestly quite entertaining.

After we went to Brick Lane Beigel Bakery, which is open 24 hours and has actual, good bagels. They are the perfect size and chewy and super yummy.

I also learned something AWESOME tonight. The housing I’m in used to be a flophouse run by the church for wayward women. There were tour groups outside earlier this week, and we couldn’t figure out why. Well, it turns out that when Jack the Ripper came back after a bit of a break, he came back RIGHT HERE. Like, a block away. In fact, if you visit this site and scroll down to the picture with the caption “Crispin Street Womens Refuge” and you’ll be looking at my new building.

I’ve attached some pictures – a few are from the neighborhood (Spitalfields Market is right near me), but most are from the park today. The one that looks like a stream running in granite is the Princess Diana memorial.

One last thing – I’m now signed up for the Paris Half Marathon – March 7, 2010!



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