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October 2014



Birthday Parties Are Awesome

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My sister-in-law is extremely creative and very talented. She’s the head pastry chef for a great little shop in Santa Barbara, and was the genius behind the cupcakes and truffles and Austin’s and my wedding. She not only knows how to make all kinds of sweet and savory treats, but how to throw a party.

The whole point of our trip down to Santa Barbara was to celebrate our niece’s third birthday. The theme for the party was Cinderella, and Joc went all out. We helped hang thin white fabric and sparkly bits from the deck overhang, set up table and chair, and set out all of her decorations. She did some simple work with ribbons and mason jars, created a great birthday banner, and made these ridiculously detailed Hershey kiss mice. The mice were two kisses glued together bottom to bottom, with tiny mouse ears glued between, a tiny pink tail, and tiny googly eyes. She scattered them across the tables, creating delicious, adorable decorations.

She also made some involved but delicious and clever appetizers. There were cucumber cups with dill cream cheese piped inside, toped with smoked salmon and a slice of tomato. There were dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in basil and prosciutto. There were cheeses and other nibbles, and everything had a label so folks knew what was what. Because the party involved adults and children, there was wine, fruit drinks for the little ones, a table covered with butcher paper and art supplies, pizza, a Cinderella bouncy house (which Austin and I got to try out before the kids arrived), and a Cinderella piñata. There was also an amazing two-layer cake covered in blue fondant and lots of bows, with a Cinderella cake topper. One of the flavors was chocolate with chocolate buttercream, Nutella and pretzels. Our niece had an amazing time, which was obviously the point, but all the other kids and adults seemed to have a great time as well.

Why do I share all of this? Because I want to remember the party for the next time I get to throw a little shindig. There were so many special touches that I think I would enjoy employing at my cookie party or some other time. Obviously our parties won’t be child-focused, but there are often kids there, and there is more we can do to make sure they are having fun.

Also, I want an excuse to make those Hershey kiss mice.

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