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October 2014



What I’m Reading: October 19, 2014

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Gender and Sexuality

– ‘No matter what we did, we were always going to be otherizing Maura in some way. And in the same way where I wouldn’t want a man to say, ‘I can have a writers’ room full of men and we can write women just fine.’ Orange Is the New Black Creator Criticizes Transparent’s New ‘Trans-Affirmative Action’ Policy (h/t @DrJaneChi)


– “It is not karma that has oppressed women in India, where Nadella and I are from — it is the domination of the wealthy classes, in a system where subjugating women is a convenient way of subjugating the working class as a whole.”  Nadella’s blunder: Two Seattle City Council women respond (via @cmkshama)

– “In most courts, dates are routinely moved to accommodate the schedule of lawyers, including for vacations. And although the court does not employ her directly, the incident does raise questions about the state of maternity leave in the U.S.” Judge Won’t Delay Hearing For Lawyer’s Maternity Leave, Then Berates Her For Bringing Baby To Court (via @ThinkProgress)

Banking Crisis

– “Parker is about to file a class action lawsuit against the Dallas-based debt collection company, Dyck O’Neal, which is working to recoup the money on behalf of Fannie Mae. The class action will allege that Dyck O’Neal violated fair debt collection practices by suing people in the state of Florida who actually lived out of state.” Americans face post-foreclosure hell as wages garnished, assets seized (h/t @sarahkendzior)

– “Getting tens of thousands of homeowners to deceptively sign away their rights for $178.04, and then rip off their homes, is bad enough, but it gets worse. Wells Fargo never complied with the minimal obligations in the class action settlement.”  “We hope they were duped”: How prosecutors gave banks the best “penalty” ever


– “When I see a white man ambling towards me on the street at night, or when I am in an elevator with him, or when I see him in the car next to mine on the interstate, I often think I should be afraid. I know what white men are capable of.” Roxane Gay: I have feared white men and I have loved them (via @rgay)


– “Clearly moved, once on board the plane the other passengers refused to fasten their seat belts – a protest that prevented the pilots from being able to begin take off.” Refugee facing deportation from Sweden saved by fellow passengers refusing to let plane leave (h/t @stavvers)


– “Novara is apparently taking the aliases of activists, finding out their real names (which may be difficult or easy) and then making calls to businesses to warn them that they are tweeting things that are making people upset and so that is why they may get angry phone calls. If effective, this can be pretty defamatory.” St. Louis Officer Who Called Activist’s Boss About Her Tweets Now Under Investigation by Internal Affairs (h/t @Copwatch)


– “Labor exploitation is not the new normal. Adjunct professors are distinct from other low-wage contract workers only by virtue of degree – that is, the Ph.D. Like other exploited workers, adjuncts are told that their low pay and mistreatment are the deserved consequence of poor choices.” The Adjunct Crisis Is Everyone’s Problem (h/t @sarahkendzior)

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