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October 2014




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I am a nervous traveler. Not in a ‘oh my god, we’re all going to crash and die’ sort of way, but in a ‘oh my gosh, we’re going to get stuck in security for hours and miss our flight’ sort of way. Also a ‘we’re going to end up having to check our carry-on bag, which means we’ll get home like 30 minutes later than I thought’ sort of way. And we all know that the extra 30 minutes of sleep I lose because of that is the END OF THE WORLD.

It’s not, though. Not really. Even if we get home a couple of hours later, the world will not end. I’ll still get enough sleep to function for a day. I’m pretty sure this all just stems from my dislike of the unknown. I like to be in control (shocking, I know). So for my next times traveling, I’m going to try to do what Austin does – just go with it. It’ll work out. We will get through security with enough time. There will be space for our bags. And if there isn’t, we will deal with it.

And here is a benefit of having my own blog (that like two people read). Even just seeing it typed out is a nice reminder of what a ridiculous concern it is. There’s too much else that is actually worth my anxiety to let traveling be worrisome. It should be an adventure!

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